Gluten Free Brunch and Dinner at Culina Millcreek in Edmonton

Gluten free breakfast with their own inhouse gluten free bread
Culina Millcreek at 9912 89 Ave. has recently introduced a gluten free menu for brunch and dinner!  The menu is currently not on their website yet, but they emailed me their menu to post.

Culina Millcreek is described as a friendly neighborhood cafe serving creative comfort food, eclectic wines and crafty spirits. One of the highlights of the menu is that they bake their own gluten free bread!

We tried out their brunch and it was great.  As always our circle of friends have a variety of dietary restrictions, gluten, dairy, vegetarian, soy, and the Culina staff was accommodating to each persons dietary needs.

Their in house gluten free bread was great, and they sell it by the loaf. Have a question about their food? Contact Culina on Twitter at @MillcreekCulina and they are pretty helpful. Click the links below to check out their gluten free brunch and gluten free dinner menu:
Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Been there twice in the last month. They are so accommodating. Great vegetarian options as well.

  2. I bought a loaf on the weekend - $12 and it's huge, and awesome. Went to Culina Millcreek 2x last week. Had the salad with poached egg - menu said Gull Lake Tomatoes, but they substituted with MoNa mushrooms. It was tasty - the chanterelles are a tougher mushroom to chew - be aware, but darn it's tasty. (we have photos ;-) )

    Oh! and the "Bacon" and egg frittata they offer on the regular menu CAN be gluten free - they will make it without the mushroom sauce and the spicy tomato sauce they use instead is divine! It would make one heck of a pasta or lasagna sauce.


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