Who loves Gluten Free Donuts from Kinnikinnick? I do, I do!

Chocolate glazed Kinnikinnick Donut
As kind of the donut conosur that I am I was skeptical at trying out the Kinnikinnick donut even though Kinnikinnick has not disappointed me yet with their line of gluten free products. I grew up in Toronto munching down on Tim Horton's, Country Style, Coffee Time, Tiny Tim Donuts (from the Ex in Toronto), Mr. Donut and the all famous KrispyKreme (I still have dreams about their donuts!).

My wife is Celiac and I am free to eat all the donuts I want, however, that hasn't stopped me from stocking out freezer with Kinnikinnick Donuts.  They have quickly become one of my favourite donuts, reminding me of the sweet taste of a Tiny Tim!

Don't let the fact that they are frozen scare you off because 30 seconds in the microwave makes these donuts soft and sweet. Just be careful - they can be addictive!

The donuts are offered in several flavours including chocolate glazed, vanilla glazed and cinnamon coated. My favourite by a long-shot is the vanilla glazed.

I've scarfed down three in one sitting. How many have these have you eaten at once?

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