Our first gluten free beer experience

Greens Gluten Free Beer from Sherbrook Liquor
Okay, I know that other people have told us about different gluten free beers available, and even suggested where to buy them in Edmonton. Well, we finally took your advice and went to Sherbrooke Liquor to check out the selection of gluten free beers.

In the massive beer cooler, we found a variety of different brands of gluten free beer. We opted for the Green's Amber Ale made in Belgium. This beer, like many other gluten free beers, is made from millet, buckwheat, rice and sorghum, along with the usual water, hops and yeast.

To be honest, we chose this beer because it was sold by the bottle - so we weren't obligated to buy a six-pack. The bottles are pint size (500 ml), larger than regular beer bottles.

I wasn't a big drinker before going gluten free, but I did enjoy the occasional Kokanee. I truly enjoyed the Green's Amber Ale and would definitely buy it again. Green's-Amber Ale has a nice red color and based on the taste test that we did with friends and family I the consensus was that you cannot even tell the difference between from a wheat beer. If you're are a true beer connoisseur then you might notice a difference.It will definitely be at our next barbecue. I'll soon be buying some other brands to compare.

What's your favorite brand of gluten free beer and have where have you found it?

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  1. Hey GFE, I'm a celiac Vancouverite who happened to be in Edmonton visiting friends a couple years back. In a liquor store in the far west end of West Edmonton Mall, I found a GF beer called Frio. It was absolutely the worst thing I have EVER tasted. Frio is from Winnipeg and seems to have a market there, so maybe I just got a bad batch. I have to say though, I wouldn't even give a bottle to a homeless drunk begging for it from the gutter. I dumped it down the sink.

  2. Green's is definitely good. It is 8% and you would never be able to tell it's that strong from the great taste. At $7 a bottle it's hard to say if it's worth it over a 6-pack of something similar though.

  3. Menisa Liquor in Millwoods and Shop Rite Liquor at 11447 124 Street has good selection of Gluten Free Beer. if u can go to 1039 knottwood road (Menisa Liquor) the selection is so good and chilled!


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