OPM is now closed, should be re-opening as "Local Public Eatery", another Joey's Restaurant Brand #yegfood

Source: localpubliceatery.com
It came to my attention last month while volunteering for the Edmonton Chapter Celiac Association that OPM was going to be closing in the South End.  I know a lot of people gluten free and non-gluten free loved OPM for its great tasting Asian Fusion meals.  Their gluten free menu really made this restaurant special as there still are not very many chain restaurants that keep a gluten free menu.

Joey's Restaurant Group of Brands ran OPM, so I decided to contact Dave Anthony, Culinary Manager.  He did confirm at the time that they are bringing in a new concept called Local Public Eatery, a concept they have in Vancouver.

Dave was also willing to share that "Additionally when we do open Local in Edmonton we are happy to let you know that we have a gluten free menu for that concept as well."

We hope to share more details as we learn more about this new restaurant and what will be on their gluten free menu.

Please email us at info@glutenfreeedmonton.com, if anyone has anything further to share about the closing of OPM.  Our conversation with Joey's was in September, and plans always change!  But OPM is closed, thats for sure!

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