Gluten Free Shopping at Magrath Save-on-Foods

We all know that grocery stores have different selections of gluten free items, even between stores of the same grocer. One of our readers wanted to share this about the Magrath Save-on-Foods:
Save on Foods has a dedicated frozen section and a section for it in the bakery. The bakery staff are indeed trained for questions about gluten free breads... however the inquiring about gluten free products in the store should be left to the managers... specifically the merchandising managers.

Also, if a Save-on-Foods does not carry a product that you would like, or a product type (such as gluten free), you can request to talk to the merchandising manager of any store, and ask for them to order/carry the items... sometimes they do, especially if another store does.

Magrath Save-on-Foods
14161 - 23rd Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6R 0G4

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