Gluten Free Products by Shar found in Edmonton

Schar Crisp Bread
We first discovered this gluten free brand while visiting Toronto at a store called Nut'n'Gluten.  We tried out the Shar crisp bread crackers and they were amazing.  So light and crispy and great with some margarine or cheesewiz.

When arriving back in Edmonton we called a few places to find out who carries Shar in Edmonton because we did not recall seeing this brand before.  Not surprisingly, Ed's Gluten Free Store carries a large line of their products!

We do recommend the crackers and hope to try out more of their line of products.  Below is a list of Shar gluten free products found in Edmonton:

  • Schar Bread Mix
  • Schar Italian Breadsticks
  • Schar Vanilla Waffer
  • Schar Cocao Waffer
  • Schar Choc Dipped
  • Schar Shortbread
  • Schar Ladyfingers
  • Schar Table Cracker
  • Schar Crisp Bread
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  1. Thank you! Funny that someone from Edmonton gave me the information for a Toronto based gluten free store!

  2. Have you found Schar products anywhere else Edmonton since Ed's has closed?

  3. We just came back from the Netherland Antilles (Bonaire) and discoverd Schar products.... they were awesome! Aside fronm the crackers, the Ciabatta breads and the Pain Campagnard were also very good! I'm hoping that more locations in Edmonton start to carry a wide variety.


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