Gluten Free Mennonite Sausage from the Butchers Bus in Edmonton

After trying the gluten free perogies from the Butchers Bus, we wanted to try out some of their sausages. They always smelled so good when passing by them at the St. Albert Farmers Market. After speaking with the owners and reviewing their website, we found that Butchers Bus sausages are gluten free, MSG free, and filler free! We asked which sausage is their most popular purchase, and they said everyone likes to pick up the Mennonite Sausage, a nice mild smoked farmers sausage.

We placed these on the barbecue and enjoyed a really nice lunch with some potatoes and salad. I don't know how to describe the taste of the sausage except for that it tasted really, really good! We will probably be picking these up again at the market.

Barbecue Tip: Don't poke holes or slice farmer sausages. Place them on the barbecue at a low temperature and cook slowly.

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