Gluten Free Cupcakes in Edmonton by Big City Cupcakes

Chocolate Almond Flour Butter Cream Gluten Free Cupcake
Big City Cupcakes was first introduced to Edmonton at the 2010 Edmonton Fringe Festival.

Unfortunately, they only have one flavour, a gluten free chocolate almond flour cupcake, with a very tasty butter cream icing

Compared to all the yummy salivating flavours they have for their wheat flour cupcakes, it might seem boring, but it's quite tasty. We hope that with more demand, Big City Cupcakes will introduce more gluten free flavours.

Some things you may need to know when buying from Big City Cupcakes:
  • The cupcakes are not made on-site
  • Be diligent with the staff to handle your food separately on fresh trays with clean utensils
  • Their cupcakes are a little expensive like all other boutique cupcake places.
Big City Cupcakes
  • City Centre

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  1. I ate their regular cupcakes every now and then before I discovered I was a celiac. I've had their gluten-free ones. Despite the limited flavour choice, these cupcakes are BETTER than the wheat ones. OMG good.


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