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Worried about what candies your children or yourself can eat for Hallowe'en? has a gluten free columnist.  Check out Jane Anderson's article titled "Gluten-Free Candy, as of September 2010 - Candy and Treats for a Gluten-Free Halloween"

What gluten free candies do you look forward to eating the most on Hallowe'en? And what candies do you hand out?

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  1. My comment is not specific to this article. I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and how useful I find it. If not for you I would not have known about Ed's Gluten Free which has expanded my options and for that alone I thank you. The fact that your blog is local makes it more relevant and useful than other GF blogs and I am grateful for your efforts.

  2. The team at has recently launched their 2010 'Gluten Free' candy list for the United States & Canada.

    We want to make this Halloween less scary for parents & children trying to identify which candies are gluten safe, so we've created the
    most comprehensive GF Candy List and we're offering it for FREE!

    With new products being added daily, browse through our list frequently to avoid being tricked by gluten this Halloween.

    You can browse through the list by category, brand, GF Status or even by keyword.

    Every product has a dated GF Statement & GF Meter ranking so you can easily tell which products are made in a gluten free facility.

    Happy trick or treating!


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