Results of My One Year Wedding and Gluten Free Anniversary Dilemma!

Top tier of the non-gluten free wedding cake

Contributed by Amanda S.:

Over the past year of living gluten free I have occasionally felt the desire to eat some foods that in my pre-gluten free life I never would have even considered eating. Oddly enough I’ve found myself wishing I could just eat an Arby’s roast beef sandwich when in the food court at the mall with friends. I never ate that before. I’ve thought about eating a submarine sandwich from Subway or even a Harvey’s hamburger. These foods are truly items that I would not have eaten even just one year ago, merely because I do not like them.

Now, being gluten free, when asked “what do you want to eat” these are simply some of the foods that cross my mind. Of course I wouldn’t eat them now because of the gluten present in them, but also because I still do not like them. Weird huh?

Last weekend, as you know was our one year wedding anniversary and while I have many things to say about how quickly this year has flown by and how happy I am to have such a wonderful guy in my life I will get right to the point. I know you’re curious to know what happened.

Weeks ago I wrote the article "My One Year Wedding and Gluten Free Anniversary Dilemma!".  I  shared my plan to eat some of the top tier of our wedding cake on our one year anniversary and I was flooded with suggestions about what to do. I noticed that there was an undertone of “you’re nuts, don’t even think about eating it!” I was told that I might vomit, I might be sick in bed for days and I might consider having a different and gluten free cake made in honor of our one year anniversary instead. I might do all sorts of things and have various reactions to the gluten.

However, I was bound and determined to eat that wedding cake anyway. I chose  to have a couple of my dearest friends over for Friday night dinner at my parents house where we enjoyed a fabulous gluten free meal (as always) followed by “the cake” mmm mmm good!

It was just as wonderful as I remembered it to be. It was light and fluffy and full of flavour just as I remembered it from one year ago, and I loved every bite of it. Even though our anniversary was not until Monday September 6th we chose Friday night for the cake just in case of any major stomach troubles or difficulties with the gluten. I am pleased and still a bit shocked to say that nothing happened! Seriously, nothing. I did not feel sick, I did not vomit, I did not feel any stomach pain whatsoever. I was nervous and leery the whole weekend, almost waiting for something horrendous to happen to me, but I am overjoyed that nothing happened. One of my friends who was at dinner and has both a gluten allergy as well as a dairy allergy was plagued by the cake, but to my surprise I was fine.

Now don’t get me wrong, this does not change my ideas about gluten or my plan to continue eating a fully gluten free diet for the rest of my life, no way! It actually makes me feel very thankful that I was able to partake in the tradition of eating the top tier of wedding cake on the one year anniversary.

Initially I had kinda hoped that I would feel some form of reaction to the gluten, sort of to remind me that I need to follow the gluten free diet to a T. However, in thinking about how much better I feel when I eat fully gluten free and how much damage I know can be done to my small intestine just by eating gluten....I choose gluten free, hands down!

Thanks for the support everyone and to my parents and my dearest friends for sharing our super  yummy one year old wedding cake. 

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  1. I'm glad it turned out so well and you enjoyed it!


  2. Horray! but I know what you mean about hoping for at least a touch of side effects.


  3. WOW - that's similar to Russian Roulette, but if it floats your boat; have fun and glad you're ok! I have had enough of pain, vomiting and wasting away to nothing to curb my cravings myself.


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