Gluten Free Travel to Toronto - Where to eat Gluten Free!

If you are travelling to Toronto for vacation, business or to see family, you do not need to worry about gluten free restaurant options or gluten free shopping options because there are plenty.

Gluten Free Eating in Toronto

Eatings out in an unfamiliar city trying to find gluten free friendly options always seems difficult. After all, it can sometimes feel frustrating finding where to eat gluten free in our own city of Edmonton.

Here are some places to try out while visiting Toronto:

South St. Burger on lettuce with several toppings
and guacamole on the side 
South St. Burger
South St. Burger Co. on Urbanspoon
Multiple locations including: Yonge Street, north of Eglinton Avenue
South St. Burger is a concept from New York Fries!  Fantastic burgers!  This concept has not made it to Edmonton yet, but there is one in Calgary.  They do not have gluten free buns, but they will put it on a bed of lettuce for you.  Here is the catch, we all know New York Fries are gluten free!  However, South St. Burger serves up onion rings :-(  So there can be cross contamination in the fryers.  We were told the onion rings are done in separate fryers but we didn't wish to take the chance because we were travelling and didn't want to be sick on the road.  South St. Burger has over 25 toppings to choose from including some unique ones like goat cheese, guacamole, garlic mayonnaise, and mango chutney.

Pizza Pizza
Pizza Pizza on Urbanspoon
Multple locations including delivery: 416-967-1111
Here is a must have while staying at a hotel or even walk in.  Pizza Pizza is the sister company to Pizza73 here in Edmonton.  The big difference is that Pizza Pizza has a gluten free crust!  It is an additional $3.25 on a medium pizza, but atleats they have it!  You also get a discount for pick-up, so it worked out to just over $11.00 for a two topping medium pizza.  This is one of out must haves everytime we visit Toronto because Pizza Pizza has great pizza.  Pizza73 could learn a thing or two from Pizza Pizza who has had this gluten free crust available since 2008.

Duff's Famous Wings
Duff's Famous Wings on Urbanspoon
Three Locations:
1604 Bayview Ave (South of Eglinton)
558 College St. West (West of Bathurst)
9360 Bathurst Street, Vaughan

The wings at Duff's
Having grown up in Toronto, I can tell you this is the best wings I have ever eaten - anywhere!  We always go back to Duff's (Bayview location), each visit and we be sure to invite all our friends and family that are in Toronto.  So the good news is that their wings are gluten free and are all fried in separate fryers.  The french fries are however coated with flour and therefore not gluten free.  So we would recommend ordering a side of salad.  Duff's busiest night is Tuesday night as that is their cheap wing night.  They also tend to get busy on Saturday evenings.  The location is small, and when they are busy you could expect to wait up to 20 minutes.

Hollywood Gelato's
Hollywood Gelato on Urbanspoon
1640 Bayview Ave.
Located just a few store fronts over from Duff's, Hollywood Gelato's is one of the best Gelato places in Toronto.  Gelato itself is gluten free, however you have to be cautious of the specialty flavours.  All teh fruit flavours here taste great and will be gluten free.  Be cautious when choosing the chocolate bar flavoured gelato's as you need to know your chocolate bars and which one is gluten free.  All their gelato is made in house so if you have any questions about ingredients, they should be able to show you.

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  1. Pizza Nova and Hot House Pizza (and pasta) have Gluten Free pizza and Hot House has GF pasta available.

  2. Thanks! We'll have to try Pizza Nova when we visit during the holidays.

  3. OMG! You just made my week. My roommate/best friend has been diagnosed Celiac and we assumed Duff's was out of the question. Her because of gluten and me because I'd feel bad eating them in front of her.

    But to clarify, the wings are gluten-free, do you know about the sauces for the wings?

  4. Hi Todd,

    The wing sauces are gluten free at Duff's. Your friend should not eat the fries there because they are coated in flour.

    When you go there, just confirm that the wings still have dedicated frier's. If not, it would be your friends decision to eat the wings, depending on her choice on eating foods that are possibly effected by cross contamination.


    --Abisaac Saraga

  5. You guys were in Toronto and you DIDN'T call me?! hmph! Just kidding! I am DYING for some pizza but haven't brought myself to order any yet. LOOOOOOOOVE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey,

    Just a heads-up, I am not sure if it is chain-wide thing, but a month or so ago I was at a South Street at 7355 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON L3R 6L3 and they actually had Gluten-free buns!


  7. right across the street from hollywood gelato is all you can eat CERTIFIED gluten free Asian cuisine at RIZ PAN RESTAURANT. They are making all food in a totally separate kitchen and everything is plated on marked gluten free plates.


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