Gluten Free Travel to Calgary, Alberta

For those that make the trip down the QE2 to Calgary, let us let you in on some gluten free travel tips!

Road trip? Well your first stop is probably Red Deer for breakfast or lunch.

First Stop, Red Deer
We typically stop off at the Wendy's at Gasoline Alley, where you can order their Chili, Baja Salad, or baked potato. Their beef patty is gluten free as well, but you need to bring your own bun. Red Deer is a big town and will have most of the familiar chain restaurants. If you are willing to drive around a bit, I'm sure you'll find a Boston Pizza for some gluten free pizza.

Gluten Free Eats in Calgary
We had some suggestions from our readers, however this is where we ended up visiting while in Calgary

Zen 8
Zen 8 on Urbanspoon
Zen 8 is a nice sushi restaurant located in downtown Calgary. Although we were there for a special reception, they were able to handle special ordered sushi rolls with no tempura. Their volcano sauce was gluten free, however you need to bring your own soy sauce.

Gfree pizza in the foreground and gfree
grilled cheese in the background 
Gratitude Cafe
Gratitude Cafe on Urbanspoon
Located in the Kensington district of Calgary, this vegetarian restaurant had gluten free written all over it. They have everything from gluten free grilled cheese sandwiches to gluten free pizzas. Although it's on the pricey side, it was a nice tasting meal, and great to scarf down a grilled cheese sandwich!

A baby scoop with coconut, white
chocolate chips and raspberries
Spoon Me
Spoon Me on Urbanspoon
1130 Kensington Road NW
(403) 453-2101

Up for a little treat? Spoon me is a cute little yogurt shop similar to a Kiwi Kiss here in Edmonton. The yogurt is gluten free, and they spoon fresh fruits or other toppings.  For under $5, you can have a baby-size cup with three toppings. The baby-size was big enough for two to share.

Boston Pizza
As we have mentioned before at Gluten Free Edmonton, Boston Pizza carrys a gluten fee pizza crust made by Kinnikinnick. Boston Pizza locations can be found all over Calgary for an affordable pizza made great.

Nellie's Gluten Free Breakfast Sandwich
(Sorry for the poor quality pic, left my
camera in the and had to settle for
my blackberry)
Nellie's on Urbanspoon
1414 Kensington Road Northwest
(403) 270-0173
Nellie's is an awesome breakfast restaurant with six locations across in Calgary. We tried out the Kensington location where they keep Kinnikinnick bread in stock from Safeway's gluten free section.  Most of the menu was okay to eat, and they are able to substitute wheat bread with the gluten free bread they have on hand. Nellie's is a local favourite, and we saw why. The meal tasted great and wasn't terribly expensive. They also didn't charge extra for the gluten free bread.

Hotel Arts
12th Avenue SW

Although we didn't eat at the restaurant lounge in Hotel Arts, we did attend a wedding the hotel catered, and they accomodated many dietary restrictions. The raw bar was recommended to us by a friend with Celiac who lives in Edmonton. Hotel Arts is located in the heart of downtown Calgary.

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