Gluten Free Sushi at Kyoto in Edmonton

Our typical order at Kyoto with gluten free soy sauce
Kyoto has been our favourite sushi restaurant since pre-Celiac, and it continues to be our favourite because Kyoto does it right when it comes to gluten free friendly restaurants!

Kyoto has two locations: one downtown at Jasper and 109 St., in the plaza with the Save-on-Foods; the other is across High Level Bridge on 109 St., by the university. We stick to the university location because they have great service and their staff are understanding when accommodating gluten free substitutes.

At Kyoto, you can order any sushi roll that does not have tempura (or eel). For rolls with tempura bits, you can substitute cucumber. Kyoto also supplies gluten free soy sauce, which is fantastic because it saves you from bringing your own.

This is our typically order at Kyoto:
  1. Mexican (substitute tempura bits with cucumber)
  2. Rainbow Roll (substitute tempura bits with cucumber)
  3. Hurricane
  4. Edamame
  5. Occasionally, a Spicy Salmon or Tuna
Our server also informed us that the Miso soup is gluten free. Kyoto's rolls taste great and are typically not overstuffed with rice. Always remember to let the staff know that you are Celiac and not allowed any tempura and require gluten free soy sauce.

Where do you eat your gluten free sushi?

Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Maybe you have some insight into this... the regular old China Lily soy sauce does *not* appear to contain wheat or gluten. Soy proten, water, sugar, salt, caramel, *starch*, spices. I should probably contact the company to find out if it is or isn't gluten-free but virtually every other soy sauce on the shelf definitely lists wheat.

  2. Mikado is also knowledgeable and helpful. We do like University location best. Even if the Downtown location is across the street.

  3. You may also want to make sure you ask for plain white rice. I was there recently and i was told the rice contains malt vinegar. I could have been misinformed by my waitress, but regardless, i was served plain white rice with my sushi.
    Now I’m very curious to know now about whether the vinegar is regular or with malt.

  4. They had gluten free soy sauce, but didn't know that fake crab had wheat. Told the waitress about this after being clear I needed wheat, she did not seem to care that they just gotten me sick...

  5. They are not knowledgeable about gluten free! Be careful of you go there. I tried to order sushi and asked if it could be made with normal rice (sans sushi vinegar which contains wheat) the waitress informed me that the sushi rice is fine and all celiac people have been eating it. I asked her to double check with the chef and it turns out it is not gluten free!!!! They have been serving it to celiacs calling it GF. I asked if the sushi could be made with plain rice and she said no! They only thing I could eat was shashimi with a bowl of steamed rice :( I am never going back

  6. I was told not to eat at sushi places that serve tempura because the flour gets everywhere, constantly, and some coat their tempura with pure wheat gluten.

  7. Hi Liz,

    you are right, Tempura is typically made from wheat flour.