Gluten Free Beer Found in Edmonton: La Messagére beer

Screenshot of La Messagére beer website
Courtesy of Monica I

The below comment was left on a previous article about gluten free beer found in Edmonton:

I have tried La Messagére beer and found it a good enough pilsner. It's also available at Metro downtown - but I'm not sure I'd recommend eating here if you are looking for GF food.

What other gluten free beers have you found in Edmonton?

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  1. Hello all. Here's some additional info for you. I realized the info I sent in was rather brief!

    A good GF alternative to La Messagére for you to try: frio! Brewed in Manitoba I have purchased it in a few locations, but have to request it be brought in usually. Check out Sherbrooke Liquor on the NE corner of the traffic circle at Groat Rd/St. Albert Trail and 118 Ave, & in Calgary ask at Willow Park Liquor (main store usually, but I assume the others can order it in for you if they don't have it) JWebb might also.

    frio! has a section on their site for Brewing Opportunities. Hmmm. Wonder if one of the local craft breweries could be persuaded? Alley Kat? Amber's? Brewster's? Kohler (took over Maverick downtown)? I think Big Rock has exceeded the niche market. Shame.

    I called Liquor Depot on 109th St & Jasper Ave, and they said they don't have a listing for frio!, but they do carry La Messagére. Call around - you never know what your local store may bring in for you.

    Chateau Louis on Kingsway & 117 St. is also a good place to check.Edmonton Liquor Merchants on 99 St & 63 Ave by Rosie's advertises GF beer, but isn't always in stock.

    There is a Turkish rice beer, Efes, but I have not been able to confirm Gluten-Free status from anywhere regarding this product and would recommend caution if you are at all sensitive. Available at the Lo-Cost Liquor Store tucked beside (south of) the Husky on 170 St/69 Ave

    Hmm. You wouldn't know my preferred drink is Rock Creek Cider, now, would you?

  2. Sherbrooke Liquor Store at 118 Ave and St. Albert Trail always has quite a few Gluten Free Beers available (depending on stock). I've been there when there are over 6 different types.
    They have Frio, La Messagere (blond and red), and a few other.
    They also have a really nice Ginger Beer that is gluten free as well.

  3. Thanks for added info Monica.

    We wrote about Sherbrooke Liquor as a beer store that has a selection of Gluten Free Beers:

    However, looks like Monica had some other great places to scope out! I added those to the Gluten Free Shopping section (but no hyper links since we don't have a page for them)



  4. I have been drinking La Messagére for quite a few years now. I switch back and forth from the Lager and Red versions of it since I seem to somehow buy all the stock up...then the clerk notified me they have 2 other gluten free beers there as well.

    Sobey's liquor store on 23rd Ave by Century Park (109th Street-ish)carries La Messagére ($20/6-pack) as well as Estrella Daura ($14/4-pack) from Spain and Bard's ($15/6-pack) sorguhm beer from the USA. They are all good beers and I would recommend any of them.

    Interesting note on the Estrella Daura though, it doesn't say's made from gluten free ingrediants, but the distilling process reduces the gluten to 3ppm which is some gluten free standard.


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