Buy Gluten Free Products in Bulk at a Bulk Barn in Edmonton

Just a sample of Bulk Barn's organic
and gluten free aisle
When we lived in Toronto during our pre-Celiac era, Bulk Barn was one of our favourite places to shop. So many treats, so many interesting finds, and everything priced reasonably. Not to mention everything is in bulk, so you could purchase as little or as much as you want.

A few months after our Celiac diagnosis, Bulk Barn opened its first Edmonton location at South Common. We initially went out of curiousity, to scope out some snacks and treats, not thinking we would be able to purchase much. To our surprise, Bulk Barn has expanded its product line to keep up with demands. They now have a line of organic and gluten free products.

Bulk Barn does carry gluten free products such as:
  • Gluten free brownie mix - bulk
  • Gluten free vanilla cake mix - bulk
  • Banana cake mix - bulk
  • El Peto Line
  • Rizopia Pasta
  • Enviro Kids
and so much more!

Click here for a full list of their health food products, including gluten free products.

Walking into a Bulk Barn will make you wonder why you ever shopped in the bulk section at Save-on-Foods or Safeway. Each and every bulk container has a complete ingredients list that typically includes allergy information. This allows you to ensure you are purchasing product that is gluten free.

Many bulk bins also have special recipes or cooking instructions. This comes in handy especially when you purchase something like the gluten free brownie mix.

Ingredients recipes are all tear away pieces of paper to take home with you!

A bonus is the commitment of cleanliness Bulk Barn has at its stores. While shopping at the South Common location, staff were constantly wiping down containers, vacuuming the shelves, and changing scoops.

Bulk Barn is no longer a hidden gem to shop gluten free, it's a must shop!

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  1. I find a ton of my stuff at the Bulk Barn in Barrie! They have yellow bands on the scoops for gluten free products and if it looks as though something might have been scooped with the wrong scoop, they open a new bag of that product for me to be safe!

  2. Be careful, I have seen them cleaning the bins and they use one cloth and go from bin-top to bin-top, and scoop to scoop all along the isles so contamination is still very possible. I order their bulk bags (25 to 50 lb depending on what I buy) and then store the flour in 4 liter jars (old pickle jars). You also get a discount by buying in bulk.


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