Gluten Free Edmonton Listed as one of the top 5 Edmonton Blogs on BT Edmonton

Source: (Breakfast Television)
Today Breakfast Television Edmonton had Edmonton social media guru Mack D. Male (@mastermaq) speaking about blogs and social media!

In his second segment Mack reviewed his top 5 favourite Edmoton blogs, which included Gluten Free Edmonton.

Click here to watch the Best Blogs segment.

I would like to thank Mack for the mention and for everyones support with Gluten Free Edmonton!

Click here for a review of BT Edmonton's show on Thursday August 12, 2010, listing Gluten Free Edmonton as one of Mack Male's top Edmonton blog picks

For those of you not familiar with Celiac, I would recommend clicking here to view this video about Celiac!

For those that want more updates on Gluten Free information you can also follow Gluten Free Edmoton on Twitter and Facebook:

Thanks again for all the support!  I will post a link to the clip if BT Edmonton posts it on their website.

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