Gluten Free Food Options at the Edmonton Fringe Festival

The 29th Annual Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival is a highlight during Edmonton's summer time fun of festivals.  A big part of the Fringe are the food vendors around Whyte Ave.  Well I decided to contact the festival coordinators about what gluten free options may be available for Celiac's in Edmonton.

The festival coordinators provided me with a short list of gluten free friendly options:
  • F1 - Pure Cafe and Bistro - Butter Chicken Wraps
  • F6 - Taco in a Bag - Taco in a Bag
  • F8 - New Asian Village - Butter Chicken, Beef Curry, Channa Masala, Veggie Korma, Tandorri Chicken, Veggie Pakora, Grilled Veggies
  • F8a - Big City Cupcakes - Gluten Free Cupcakes
  • F9 - Original Kettle Corn - Kettle Corn
  • F10 - Chocolate Covered Bananas - Chocolate Covered Bananas & Smoothies
  • F11 - Royal Treats - Ice Cream in a cup
  • F16 - Taste of Mongolia - Shrimp Wraps
  • F23 - Soner Donair - Italian Sausage without the bun
  • F25 - Zaika Indian Bistro - Mango Chicken with Basmati Rice
I would personally question some of the staff on a couple of these when ordering, and I would recommend you do the same too (Especially the ones that say wraps).  I would imagine that Big City Cupcakes, New Asian Village, and Original Kettle Corn are most likely to be sure fire bets for a great gluten free treat!

Let us know what you have experienced at the Fringe!

Click here for vendor reviews and a downloadable map of the vendors

Any questions about the Fringe, please contact Rose at

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  1. I really loved your blog. It appears that you have put a lot more work into it. I will keep your blog in my twitter list so I can come back and see it again when it has some new information.

  2. Thank you for the support. We try to update the blog 2-3 times a week.

    --Abisaac Saraga
    Gluten Free Edmonton


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