Dr. Praegers, gluten free frozen foods in Edmonton

Dr. Praeger's Fish Sticks
We first saw Dr. Praeger's at Ed's Gluten Free Store in the south side, and have since seen their products popping up in other stores such as Sobey's kosher section in Lessard.

Dr. Praeger's has nine gluten free products, two of which we have seen in Edmonton:
  1. Brocolli Littles
  2. Gluten Free California Veggie Burger
  3. Gluten Free Fish Fillets
  4. Gluten Free Fish Sticks (Ed's Gluten Free and Sobey's)
  5. Gluten Free Fishies (Sobey's)
  6. Potato Littles
Sobey's carries other Dr. Praeger's products that are not gluten free, so be sure to read the packaging carefully. Dr. Praeger's will mark their gluten free products accordingly.

Click here for a full list and description of Dr. Praeger's gluten free products.

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    Thanks for the great resource!

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