Blue Chair Cafe, Gluten Free for the Soul

Blue Chair Cafe - Nicely hidden away
Blue Chair Cafe
9624 76 Ave. Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-989-2861

A hidden gem in the south side, Blue Chair Cafe is as much as a gluten free friendly restaurant as they come. This soulful cafe has character with classic and retro record albums for menus and frequent live music for atmosphere.

 The helpful wait staff will guide you through the menu and make the Celiac accommodations required, including using special gluten free sauces for their Pad Thai, or using gluten free pasta in their lasagna.
The following is a quick overview of the Blue Chair's menu. Always remember to ask the wait staff to confirm the ingredients:
Ceviche - Comes with more 
than one Tostada, was just
too tasty and forgot to
 take a picture right away!
  • House Salad - Celiac option available with no wheat-berry and no croutons
  • Edamame - Great appetizer option
  • Salad wraps - Gluten free sauce available upon request
  • Hummus Trio - Will serve with tostadas instead of pita
  • Ceviche - Perfect as-is, and tastes great.
  • Pad Thai - Gluten free sauce available upon request (also great tasting)
  • Vegetarian Lasagna - Rice noodle pasta available
  • Turkey Curry and Goat Curry - Available without roti
  • All burgers can be served without buns
Pad Thai - A little too many
sprouts but that didn't take
away from the taste of
their gluten free Peanut Pad Thai Sauce
Desserts are also available. Staff recommend to notify them of Celiac needs so kitchen staff can ensure no gluten ingredients are placed in a Celiac order. Which record album did you get for your menu?  
Gluten Free Edmonton - A Celiac guide and resource for gluten free information in Edmonton, Alberta

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  1. Note that Blue Chair Cafe is currently closed for vacation time during the month of August, reopening August 27th, 2010.

  2. I would love to visit this place. Do they serve gluten-free food as well?

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  3. I heard a lot of good stuff about the Blue Chair Cafe. The coffee and food they serve there are truly great. It's a good idea to try them.
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