Gluten Free Travel to St. John’s, Newfoundland - Part 2 of 2

St. John's, Newfoundland
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Gluten Free Gala Dinner at the Sheraton Hotel
When we arrived at the gala dinner much later in the day I was served my “special meal” as my colleagues referred to it. The salad was fantastic. The dressing was made in-house and the server was prepared with the ingredients list when serving it to me. The chicken with mango salsa was lacking in flavor. I was still pleased that they had gone to such lengths to ensure my health and safety, particularly in such a large gathering of people (over 250). I was disappointed that the chicken was very overcooked and completely void of flavor, but I think it was because the buffet was so elaborate and time consuming that my single meal was an afterthought. As well, sometimes people assume that gluten free must mean tasteless or bland. The créme caramel was so delicious and pretty to look at that one of my colleagues asked the server if she could have one as well.

A Gluten Free Meal To Go – Courtesy of the Sheraton Hotel
For lunch everyone was given a bag lunch as many people were flying out early and others were going touring the city before flying out. I was overjoyed to see a bright green lunch bag marked “gluten free” just for me. Inside I found a fresh turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo and fruit (banana, orange and apple) and I snagged a bag of Lays plain potato chips from someone who didn't want theirs. Who needs three pieces of fruit for lunch? Eeek, not me.

Lunch on the Streets of St. John’s
While I didn’t eat the “to go” lunch until dinner time, while on the plane, it was still great.  For lunch we went out on the town and explored a local restaurant instead. My colleagues enjoyed their fish and chips while I was able to eat a shrimp and lobster omelet with artichokes and cheese. The omelet arrived with home fries (roasted potatoes) that were made in-house (garnished with salt and pepper) accompanied by a salad with Kraft dressing (in the bottle so I could be certain of the ingredients). The restaurant was very knowledgeable and helpful and the shrimp and lobster were truly fresh, caught that day – right out of the ocean! Can you tell we live in Alberta?

Overall I was very pleased with everything the Sheraton was able to do to accommodate me and I was pleased that I thought to ask in the first place. I had been told by others that in the past they had not asked and instead had eaten fruit and plain salad at these conferences. I didn’t think that was necessary and I am glad I didn’t settle for that.

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