Gabbana on Jasper Ave., A Downtown Gluten Free friendly Restaurant

Gabbana Restaurant
11223 Jasper Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-0955

Unfortunately Gabbana does not have a website to view their menu online, so I took a few pictures. Although there isn't a separate gluten free menu, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable, are able to point out what items are gluten free and what items can be prepared to be gluten free. 

The menu is not large, but there were options available beyond just a salad! Be sure to always ask about preparations and ingredients in the dish. 

Gluten Free Edmonton - A guide and resource for people with a gluten or wheat allergy

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  1. Thanks for posting the menu pics, I've been trying to find out what Gabbana serves but they don't seem to have a website and their menu isn't posted on their storefront!

  2. Hi Lisa - Just an FYI - I live down the block and work across the street - they are reallllly nice folks - just pop in and ask to look.

    On Mondays and Tuesdays they were offering a $5 lunch and $10 supper in the winter & spring - it may still be available. Such a great deal, and they do have these great huge windows to open up when it's nice out - sort of an in-out patio. It's a haunt I just don't visit enough. Ask for Chris when you go - he serves with excellence.

  3. I forgot to mention - if you couldn't glean it from the menu, it's an Asian-Fusion place that serves Beef Stroganoff. =-) (I think some of the Regulars might have something to do with that.)


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