Edmonton's Italian Centre Shop has a Unique Selection of Gluten Free Products

Gluten free pasta in the
pasta section
Contributed by: Jonathon Iverson of the Italian Centre

Edmonton's Italian Centre Shop got its start when Frank Spinelli started selling Italian magazines out of a tiny store in 1959. Since then, the shop has steadily grown – first offering other Italian goods and then an expanding range of imported European products. Now, as a part of the Italian Centre's vast inventory of imported products and local items crafted in the European tradition, customers can find a growing selection of gluten-free products.

One of the store's widest varieties of gluten-free items is found in the pasta section. There are a number of gluten-free brands and varieties of the quintessential Italian staple – grouped together and clearly marked.

The Le Veneziane brand, imported from Italy, produces pasta using only corn flour and offers spaghetti, tagliatelle nests, penne, eliche (similar to rigatoni), fettuccine and small pastas for soups.

Farabella from Fara San Martino in Abruzzo, Italy makes pastas from corn and rice flour and their varieties include tagliatelle nests, lasagna and a variety of short pastas. They also produce a potato gnocchi made with rice flour.

Edmonton's Prairie Harvest import organic brown and white rice pasta from the San Zenone region of Italy.  Tinkyada. In eastern Canada, Praire Harvest has a dedicated brown rice facility where they manufacture pasta in a variety of shapes also offered at the Italian Centre Shop.

ZeroGrano has a couple gluten free
snack options at the Italian Centre
Returning to products imported from Italy, consumers can also find the wholly gluten-free ZeroGrano line of crackers and cookies made by Galbusera. The Italian Centre stocks their corn, potato and rice flour crackers, honey biscuits and chocolate layered wafers.

Duinkerken baking products, based in PEI, makes a Vitamin Enriched Rice Flour, a Potato Flour and a Gluten-Free Waffle Mix.  

La Tortilla Factory makes a gluten-free wrap made with millet and teff, available in the bread section of the store.

Finally, behind the Italian Centre's deli counters and in the pre-packaged meat coolers are the Freybe line of salamis, sausages and wieners, which are certified gluten-free.

For inquiries about additional gluten-free products in stock or the possibility of ordering others, please visit the Shop's:

Little Italy
10878-95 Street
Edmonton, AB


South Side
5028 104A Street
Edmonton AB

Call: 780-424-4869

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