Gluten Free Perogies and the Butchers Bus in Edmonton

Frozen perogies
The Butchers Bus is the first gluten free perogie we have come across in Edmonton.  Although I think they are technically located in Sherwood Park.

A family member actually picked up these perogies at the boat show here in Edmonton.  We were so happy that he found a local manufacturer of gluten free perogies made out of potatoes, because we could not find them anywhere here!

As it seems, the butchers bus does not have a store front but can either be found at markets or ordered online.  So check their website at for more details about their products and which ones are gluten free.

The Butchers Bus cookies, cooked
pan fried for crisp.
The Perogies
The perogies themselves are a great gluten free product!  Although I have to admit, the first time we made them, they turned into slop because we boiled them first.  What a disaster! After a few calls to family we learned to melt butter in a caserole dish, coat perogies in dish with the melted butter, let bake until cooked, and then place in fry pan for added crisp.  Ontop of it all, a pack of 12 was only $5.00.

Let us know what you thought of this gluten free product found in Edmonton! And contact us at to provide us with any updates about The Butchers Bus.

Other Butcher Bus products:


  1. yum?? dairy free? meat free?? you need to start specifying please!

  2. I am so pleased to have stumbled on to your blog. I live in Arizona but am from St. Albert. My family is still in Alberta. I am going to Sherwood Park next week for 3 weeks. Everytime I am back home I struggle to feed the kids (2 of the 3 have CD but we all eat gf). It seems like there is no decent places to eat except for upper end restaurants. However, if I can have gluten free perogies, I don't need to eat out! Where can I get these? Great price too. I haven't yet looked through your blog but do you have recommendations for where to eat?

  3. Whoops! Found the restaurants section. Ignore that question.

  4. delighted with info on Perogies marvelous that a cooking tip was added
    If you go to Sweet Tweet in Edmonton you will find them in the freezer brought in from Calgary Cheryl also has a perogy mix from Saskatchewan under the the Kaybee name If you use this you need to follow the dircetions in making them
    There are several receips for home made perogies that I would be willing to share
    and last but not least i believe Ed's carries som e frozen perogies as well

  5. Thanks for the feedback Linda! Great added value to the article!

  6. Ed's Gluten Free also has perogies as well as a store full of safe foods.

  7. And I get Baba Spack's perogies from St. Albert at the Grapevine Deli.


  8. Oops! Forgot to mention Baba Spack's are $1 each - not nearly as affordable as The Butcher Bus! I'll be trying them next.

  9. Better yet - Anne's Gluten Free Perogies! They do not disintegrate when boiled (gently and not for too long...) and taste just like regular perogies. They are available at Sweet Tweet in Edmonton ( or by calling Nancy at 780-420-1904 or Anne in Calgary at 403-208-4697. $8/dozen... and worth every penny!


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