Gluten Free Friendly at Maki Maki for Sushi in Edmonton

Typically for a gluten free friendly restaurant, when we go for Sushi we go to Kyoto, on 109 St., in the south side. This time we wanted to try something else. As usual, we were a little hesitant about trying something new, but we managed to fight through the fears, packed our own salad dressing and soy sauce, and ventured out to Maki Maki at 8109 101 St.

Maki Maki is a nice looking sushi restaurant with a bar and a separate dining area. It has a pretty big menu compared to Kyoto, so there was lots to choose from. At first, we thought there was going to be a communication barrier, but there were no issues, the waitress was able to tell us what had soy sauce or tempura in it – the two key items to stay away from when eating sushi.

Amanda, of course, packed her own soy sauce for dipping. There was plenty to choose from and the waitress said they could swap out the tempura for something else for any order.

Front to back: Dragon Roll, Spicy Salmon, Mango Tango
This is what we ordered:
  • edamame to share
  • salad (no dressing) for Amanda
  • Miso soup for me
  • spicy salmon roll
  • rainbow roll
  • mango tango roll (it looked like the Unagi was basted with soy sauce, so we suggest to reconfirm next time)
  • Mexican roll (Without tempura bits)
The meal was great and cost $60 for the two of us.  It's a bit more expensive than Kyoto, and we will definitely go back to try some of the other rolls like the Hawaiian Alaskan.

What are your top three rolls to order at Maki Maki?

Restaurant: Maki Maki
Location: 8109 101 St.
Phone 780-438-8289

Gluten Free Edmonton - A guide and resource for people with a gluten or wheat allergy

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  1. I used to work at a restaurant that served sushi, and learned that (yes) the unagi comes packaged in a soy/teriyaki kind of sauce with additional teriyaki added upon service. Also, the masago/roe has artificial colors, msg & soy sauce added, so stay away fro anything with the little fish eggs!

  2. Well, good thing Amanda refuses to eat fish eggs of any kind! Thank you for the info, we really appreciate it. I wonder if restaurants would be aware that the unagi comes in sauce? Interesting.


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