What aisle do you go down to find your gluten free products when shopping in Edmonton??

Now that we have been gluten free for over 6 months, we have gotten used to shopping for gluten free products at stores.

Typically we knew to go into any grocery store, and find the 'organic' aisle and presto! all gluten free products found in one aisle. Alternatively, you could walk into Planet Organic and find gluten free items spread out through the store, or Kinnikinnick, where you can shop like normal and just pick anything you want off the shelf.

But has anyone noticed the changes being made in some of the grocery stores? Because Celiac disease and gluten free is more common knowledge now, grocery stores are integrated gluten free products into all aisles.

We don't know what to think of that. On one hand, we loved being able to find all our gluten free brands and products down one aisle. On the other hand, its great to shop "normally" down the pasta aisle or the snack aisle, and not have to go down a "special aisle".

Take note, currently Safeway (Callingwood), Sobey's (Lessard), and Save-on-Foods (Hampton's), spread the gluten free products down all aisles, while Superstores west and south; Safeway (Oliver square) and Save-on-Foods (Jasper & 109 st.) have kept the 'special' organic aisle for gluten free products.

So how would you prefer to shop? Do you want to walk down the one 'special' organic aisle, or walk through all the aisles to find your gluten free products.


  1. I've noticed this too actually... The superstore's used to have everything in one aisle, which was awesome, but now they're integrating it into the rest of the store. Which, from their perspective makes sense. If you're looking at pasta sauce in the aisle, maybe someone who doesn't usually buy organic might try it because it's on sale for example.

    Personally, I prefer to have it all in one aisle, so that I'm not tempted to buy other junk because it's cheaper. A one stop shop spot within a giant grocery store for "people like us" who choose organic/gluten free etc

  2. Oliver Safeway has clustered GF items in great (!!) large sections in the Organic/Health Food short aisles - be ALERT as one shelf will have Gluten Free and the one above or beside it will have a similar "Organic" product. I moved the vertical shelf sign when I was in last because it was overhanging the organic regular items. My sister (a well educated mom of a celiac) and I have both accidentally bought the wrong Mrs. Leepers pasta.



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