Visiting the University of Alberta Hospital? You can eat Gluten Free there too!

If you are ever visiting the University of Alberta Hospital, do not count out a gluten free meal!  The University of Alberta Hospital is committed to healthy eating and are able to accommodate several dietary restrictions such as gluten free for Celiac's.

The University of Alberta Hospital cafeteria is able to make an amazing personal size gluten free pizza.  After several servings, we just had to ask how they made their crust.  To our delight we found out they used a Kinnikinnick pizza crust and showed us the box.  We obviously ran directly to the Kinnikinnick store here in Edmonton and purchased personal sized pizza crusts.

They had the pizza crust with care, and put the pizza through the over will added layers of protection under the pizza to avoid contamination.

I think this pizza is only available during the day and you may have to speak with the catering manager to order it.  It is priced the same as a gourmet pizza.  If you know you will be visiting the hospital, it is recommended ordering 24 hours in advance!  If you are visiting and have not ordered in advance, and are informed that they are not able to accomodate, I would recommend speaking with the on duty catering manager.

University of Alberta Contact information:
Information for all departments
Phone: 780-407-8822

Phone: 780-407-8888
Fax: 780-407-7418
Room 1F1.06
Let us know if you have tried the pizza here and what you thought of their combinations!


  1. yesterday I received this feedback A mom and her preteen celiac daughter in from Lloydminster for a doctors appointment at the Uof A were told they had to pre order the gluten free pizza 24 hours in advance They had not anticipated a 15 minute doctors appointment would take 4 hours

  2. Thank you for the comment Linda, I will update the page to say, ontop of ordering in Advance, that it would e recommended to order 24 hours in advance.

  3. Definitly call ahead. Dwayne Radke (Supervisor Retail Food Services) has given permission to post his direct phone number for those who wish to order gluten free pizza. 780-407-2940
    There is a great photo of the yummy pizza at the Edmonton Chapter's facebook page. They put chicken and peppers on it. Delicious!


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