Thinking of going on a gluten free diet? Take a blood test for Celiac first!

A co-worker came up to me the other day to ask me about 'how easy' is it to maintain a gluten free diet.  A fitness centre she is a member of is having a two month challenge to go on a Paleolithic Diet.  I can't say I know too much about it except that part of it is cutting off gluten grains.

The first thing out of my mouth was, get a blood test for Celiac first!  It was explained to us during the initial diagnosis that if you cut out gluten before you are officially diagnosed, you will have a false negative result because the damage won't be there.

She tried to explain to me that her stomach feels fine, but I explained that it is a good idea, especially since this is a two month diet, and when and if she decides to bring gluten back into her diet, it is going to hurt like heck! So it's better knowing beforehand, just in case.  My co-worker is a fitness fiend (and she may be reading this because I gave her the link to this site), so I hope she did take the test, because it is important for her body if she decides to do the diet challenge.

Have you had friends and family take the proper blood tests for Celiac?


  1. I have yet to get the bloodwork done.... I've been putting it off for ages. I've been eating gf'ish for about 2 years, but have had symptoms for about 4. Hindsight's 20/20, right? No one else in my family is diagnosed with it, but I suspect my sister and maybe my mom is too... I should probably set a good example & get the tests done.

  2. Thank you for your comment. It is my understanding that people that are on a gfree diet, or partial gfree diet may return a false negative result. Please be aware and inform your doctor that you have already been eating gluten free.

  3. I don't think so that Diet is very easy. From past three months i am trying but nothing i gain from it.

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