Gluten Free Snack from Italian Centre: Galbusera - Zero Grano - wafer con cioccolato (aka Chocolate wafer)

Full pack of wafer
You never know what you'll find when your out and about shopping.  I recently visited the Italian Centre (south side), and stumbled upon a display that had cookies with no sugar, low cal and gluten free.  It took me a while to figure out the packaging, but eventually with the help of the store manager, I learned that Senza Gluntine in Italian, translates to Gluten Free in English.  With further digging, I determined that the sign meant that there was one cookie with no sugar, one that was gluten free etc...

Snack size insert with wafer
The gluten free selection was a set of chocolate wafers. The brand is Galbursera, and the food line is called Zero Grano - Wafer con Cioccolato.

I picked up a pack to try and I do not regret my under $4 purchase of wafers at all!  This package was called a snack pack, but it is large. Within the larger pack are several smaller packs, which each have 6 mini chocolate wafers inside. Because this gluten free product is an import from Italy, we get the great taste or European chocolate! It is so good, and I do recommend this snack as long as they are selling it.  The wafers were priced the same as all their other regular cookies, and taste just as great.

Have you seen these in the Italian Centre?  Let us know if you liked them or if you have seen them anywhere else.


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