Earth's General Store and their Gluten Free Products!

I recently heard about a store called Earth's General Store that carries gluten free products amongst its large range of Vegan and Vegetarian products.  I was curious to learn more so I asked Michael Kalmanovitch of Earth's General Store to write a bit about his store and what they represent to the Celiac community.  I really appreciated Michael's passion for his work and would like to share this with you:

Earth's General Store has recently expanded to include food products. Our focus is on organic, local and sustainable foods which is quite in line with the philosophy of the store which is to offer people better options/choices.

We have always been an excellent source for information and books regarding plant based diets - vegetarian, vegan, raw. Several years ago I started to bring in books about vegetarian and vegan gluten free cookbooks and I realized that there were several people that came to the store that were very hungry for this type of information. Over the years we have greatly expanded the offering of gluten-free books and since we moved to our new store we now offer products that support those people that have celiac.

Recently a customer asked me why I carry celiac products and my response was: people that have allergic reactions or celiac disease don't have a choice of what they eat. I wish to offer the people with celiac products and information that will help them live with their disease. I am attempting to offer celiacs as much gluten free/wheat free that is also certified organic - since this is one of my personal passions. Vegetarians or vegans can make a choice about what they eat whereas celiacs or people with allergies don't have a choice.

If your local store doesn't have celiac products talk to the store manager and ask them to carry more. This shows them that there is a demand. Also there are several store around Edmonton that have good offerings of products for celiacs - Ed's Gluten Free Store, Planet Organic, and I understand Save On in Millwoods has a good selection.

Good luck!

Michael Kalmanovitch
Earth's General Store
9605 - 82nd Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6C 0Z9

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