Where's my gluten free crust at Pizza 73? Help us make it happen!

Once upon a time before our Celiac diagnosis we used to order from Pizza 73 every so often when we were lazy and didn't feel like cooking dinner.  It was the only pizza we would order for deliver because it is the best delivery pizza in Edmonton.  Since the Celiac diagnosis we have been deprived of our pizza delivery orders!

Last year to our surprise when we went to Toronto, we found out that Pizza 73's east cost sister company Pizza Pizza actually serves up a gluten free crust to its customers!  When living in Toronto, Pizza Pizza was our favourite delivery pizza, so we obviously had to try this crust, and it was fantastic!

After returning to Edmonton, we found that Pizza 73 actually had a one time fundraiser in tandem with Pizza Pizza where they sold gluten free pizzas!  We got really excited, and contacted their marketing department, where we were told that they were working on the idea.  Unfortunately a year has passed, and we have not seen a gluten free pizza from Pizza 73 in Edmonton.

We think we need to show Pizza 73 that there is a demand out west for the same gluten free crust!  So help us out and start contacting Pizza 73 to request to have a gluten free crust like Pizza Pizza!  The requests they receive, the more likely we will get our crust, so tell all your friends!

Click here for Pizza 73's contact page

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Let Pizza 73 know we want out pizza delivered!


  1. Pizza 73 now has Gluten Free Pizza!
    Go crazy!


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