Gluten Free Books: Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook

Title: Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook Authour: Robert M. Landolphi

Available at Chapters, Earths General Store and Indigo in Edmonton.

This is the first Gluten Free Cookbook we purchased.  We reviewed a lot of gluten free books on the shelf at our local Chapters, but found most books focused on baked goods.  Which we understand, because we hear a lot of people have trouble bakign gluten free because they are not sure how to use the gluten free flour mixes. 

We found the quite opposite because Amanda already like to bake, she felt comfortable trying out baking recipes and adapting them with gluten free flour mixes.  We found ourselves asking ourselves "How the heck can we adapt our current repatoir of recipes to gluten free?".  Well, Gluten Free Everyday has helped us out with that!  A fresh set of recipes to try out for dinner meals.  Besides dinner meals, Gluten Free Everyday shares a variety of side dishes, cakes, cookies, breads etc.

The recipes are easy as the book states, but they do take some time to prepare and cook.  Some recipes we have tried are the Pad Thai, Coconut Shrimp and Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

NOTE: One note in this book that we have found correct is that it lists Lea & Perrins as gluten free.  Atleast in Canada, it contains Malt, which is not gluten free.

Next time you are at Chapters, give this gluten free cookbook a flip through and let us know what you think!


  1. It would be great that local bookstores like Audrey's, Greenwood's or Earth's General Store were also promoted for books. I know we carry it and I would think that the other two independent bookstores would also carry them or at least could bring them in.
    EGS carries about a dozen gluten free cook books.


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