Swiss Chalet, always so good for so little... and gluten free!

Swiss Chalet is a fantastic gluten free option in Edmonton for that good ole comfort food that you can trust.  By no means does Swiss Chalet have a strict gluten free kitchen, or a separate gluten free menu, but they take their allergy control seriously.

The best thing is, that their chalet dipping sauce is gluten free!  Unfortunately, as usual the darn deep fryer for french fries could be shared with other foods.  So depending on your sensitivity, it may be okay.  You may also find some locations have dedicated fryers.  Pleas always remember the Celiac's sometimes do not have a reaction to cross contamination, however damage to the small intestine could still occur.

Note August 2010: The Swiss Chalet allergy guide now indicates that the fries are not gluten free with an asterisk because they are deep fried with other breaded materials so cross contamination may occur.

We have visited two Edmonton locations, one downtown at Jasper and 109 St. and the west end location by the Mayfield Hotel.  Each time, we just do take out, and we let the cashier know that 'no buns, because of an allergy'.  That one line sets off a chain reaction.  The order taker turns around to tell the kitchen staff about the allergy, and then the kitchen staff preparing your meal then proceeds to take away the cutting board and utencils for a good clean.  The french fries have not bothered Amanda thus far, but everyone has different tolerances.  We recommend if you are concerned, that you just order a salad. 

Check out the Swiss Chalet allergy guide for more information.

Let us know about your Swiss Chalet experience in Edmonton!

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  1. Please be aware that even if there is no reaction to a food, there may be damage happening to the small intestine. I would not recommend that any diagnosed celiac eat Swiss Chalet fries.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I have updated the posting to further reflect your statement.

  3. As a previous kitchen worker at Swiss Chalet, I would be extremely cautious about eating at any location where you cannot clearly see the kitchen. While telling them "no bun due to allergy" does indeed trigger the kitchen workers to not put a bun on your plate, they do not typically change their gloves or clean any of the utensils/cutting boards. Food safety training is minimal and most of my co-workers regarded "allergy" orders as a mere nuisance - not a serious concern. Even if you can clearly see the kitchen, the way food is handled at any location I worked in raises a serious concern of cross contamination.


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