Newly Diagnosed Celiac? First stop should be Canadian Celiac Association, Edmonton Chapter

If you are a newly diagnosed Celiac living in Edmonton, your first stop should be the Canadian Celiac Association, Edmonton Chapter.  The Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association offers you the assistance you need to cope with a recent diagnoses of Celiac.  The Edmonton chapter also serves northern Alberta (Red Deer & north) as well as the Yukon, parts of NWT and north eastern BC.

There are monthly Anti Panic Session's that help prepare you for your new gluten free journey.  It is a great introductory to the gluten free diet with help on how to read labels and where to shop.

There is also a Edmonton Chapter Calendar of Events that includes information on all Anti Panic Session's, Business meetings, and special social meetings like Celiac dinners, Celiac Awareness Month and annual Pancake Breakfast at Kinnikinnick!

Visit the Edmonton Chapter Projects page for more information on the association programs, developements, resources and more!

How has the Canadian Celiac Association, Edmonton Chapter helped you?  Let us know your stories!


  1. are there any gluten free cooking classes in Edmonton?

  2. There are several places you can go. One posted on the City of Edmonton website:

    Kinnikinnick often holds kitchen demo's at their store

    Sorrentino's has been known to have some gluten free italian cooking classes as well:

  3. Advocacy campaigns like this are rare. As such, it would be helpful if the organization would use
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