Kinnikinnick Cupcake! Yummy for Birthdays!

So it was birthday season for our family, four in total!  We were looking for an alternative birthday cake, and turned to cupcakes!

These Kinnikinnick cupcakes are awesome an awesome gluten free product and of course have whicked icing ontop.  They are also priced cheaper than the gourmet cupcakes purchased at the Cupcake Shop. 

The Kinnikinnick gluten free cupcakes can be found at the Kinnikinnick store in Edmonton and at 2 for $2.25, they made this the perfect birthday month.

Let us know how you used the cupcakes to satisfy your dessert cravings!


  1. That frosting… I could eat a pail of it. These cupcakes are our favourite in the house. Keeps for quite a few days - 4 before it might not be as soft and squishy. We eat them anyway.
    Two thumbs up from the non-celiac in the house too!

    I can make them, I just don't want to. I don't need a dozen, 2 will do just fine thank you!

    And in the summertime, look for the wafflecones/bowls for ice cream!


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