Gluten Free Options at Edmonton Wok Box Locations

So a while back we scoped out Wok Box in Edmonton for gluten free menu options and we found some great stuff after speaking with employees and contacting head office.

Wok Box has some great tasting Asian food that we always go back for!  After going back several times and having frequent emails between head office we learned that Wok Box was developing a new menu with a Allergy & Nutrition Guide to better serve its customers.  The Allergy guide indicates items that are wheat free.  All of Wok Box sauces are packaged and you can request to view the packaging ingredients if required.

As always, cross contamination is an issue, so always inform the staff of your required needs of having clean utensils and cooking area for your order to limit the chance of cross contamination.

Wok Box has started to roll out its new menu (August 2010), and has already hit most locations in Edmonton and we are happy to provide you with a direct link to their Allergy & Nutrition Guide.

Some favourite items of ours that are available for Celiac's are:
  • Pad Thai
  • Mongolian
  • Jungle Curry
  • Korean Beef Bulgogi
Note: that the only starches that are gluten free is the Rice and Ribbon Noodles.

We would like to thank Ray Ho in charge of Marketing and Mario Zehnder, the Executive Chef of Wok Box for updating Gluten Free Edmonton about their new guide!

We have visited the Mayfield Common and the Callingwood locations in Edmonton.  For a location near you check out the wokbox website!

If you have any questions, please feel free to visit Wok Box's website at or contact Ray at

Let us know what you think of their gluten free friendly menu items!

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