Gluten Free Menu Options at Sukhothai Restaurant in Edmonton

Sukhothai Restaurant in Edmonton has gluten free menu options for it's Celiac customers.  Although there is not a separate gluten free menu, their menu does state to let the server know if you have Celiac or an allergy to gluten.  They are able to accomodate most of their menu to be gluten free.

Sukhothai is a Thai restaurant with a pretty big menu including appetizers, soups, stir fry's, curries, noodles and vegetarian options.  The smell outside the doors is fantastic, and their food tasted great.  We ordered to share the ginger chicken and phuket noodles with a side of coconut rice.  The meals were nicely spiced and full of flavour.  The coconut rice was the perfect chaser for your tingling mouth of the chili in the phuket noodles.  The dishes are well proportioned and we left the restaurant full (not over stuffed), and cleaned off our plates. 

Other customers seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere and food while ordering bottles of wine to go with their meals.  Menu prices for entrees range from $16 to $24.  This gluten free meal for two rounded to just over $50 including tax and tip.

Let us know what you thought about Sukhothai and what your favourite menu items are, and we will update this review.

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  1. Sukothai was a great experience. The back page of the menu says Celiac and Allergen Friendly, which is a great way start to a meal. I told our server I was Celiac and he immediately showed me the things I could –not- have, which was easier than what I -could- have because almost everything on the menu was GF or was easily made GF. How often does -that- happen. All he asked was that I remind him when I placed the order so he could get it right.

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    One warning. We were told that the Phucket noodles weren’t GF so perhaps they have changed the recipe.

  2. I was just at Sukhothai tonight for dinner and unfortunately had a terrible experience as a celiac. (being finally diagnosed by biopsy on Monday this week makes this a new world to navigate). Upon sitting down, I asked the server what options were gluten free. He said he didn't know and checked with the kitchen. Came back and said I couldn't have any pork or Beef or anything with soy sauce, but he would let the chef know which dishes I ordered to make sure they were safe. When he came back to take our tables orders (we were a party of 6), we ordered 5 plates to share, which we explicitly said, and none had pork or bee, as warned. When the dishes finally came out with another server, i asked again whether or not everything was safe. This other server didn't know either and had to run back twice to the kitchen as he forgot my question the first time. Then the original server came over and said he had totally forgotten, and that he was busy and flustered (there were only two other occupied tables in the whole restaurant) and that I could only possibly have one of the dishes that was ordered (banana leaf fish) and I couldn't have any of the other food. He said if he would have remembered he could have told the chef but now it was too late. Then afterwards he told me that I wasn't being clear enough and that maybe I could tolerate a little bit of gluten. I did eat the fish and the dish itself was very good, and my dinner companions did enjoy theirs as well, but the service was terrible. The servers also knocked over our green tea while putting plates down, spilled water by over filling our glasses, and we had a long wait for drinks (in an otherwise quite empty place). Needless to say, not the best celiac-friendly eating experience for a place that promotes itself as such on their menu and website.


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