Gluten Free Menu Options at Chilis in Edmonton

A family member recently visited Chilis in Edmonton for dinner. That got me thinking that there may be some good gluten free menu options at Chilis, because I would not be surprised if corn tortillas are used for their menu items.

 I visited and got some good answers, including a frequently updated allergy menu.  They also have a great gluten free tip with notices to always check back and contact Chilis about there allergy chart, because their suppliers sometimes change recipes, or they sometimes change suppliers for an ingredient.

Chilis have a lot of gluten free friendly menu options with the obviously warning that they are unable to guarantee completely gluten free because of cross contamination in the kitchen.  Some of the items are:
  • Slow smoke in house ribs
  • A selection of burgers without the bun
  • A selection of flamed grilled items like grilled chickens, grilled salmon and the sirloin classic
  • Side dishes including loaded mash potatoes, vegetables, and black beans
Click here to view their allergy alerts. Let us know how your Chilis experience was and what items you have tried out!

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  1. We had an unfortunate experience with Chili's. While dining out with our two year old celiac child, they provided her with a fajita with flour tortillas. They repeatedly assured us they were corn, however he had consumed half of one by the time we tried it (since we were so impressed by how it looked. It was not corn but flour and they were extremely unapologetic.

  2. I had an unfortunate experience with Chilis as well, I am celiac, just found out a few months ago, I had decided to go to Chilis for dinner with a friend, I asked for the gluten free menu which they provided and all was well. My server didn't seem to care at all about my concerns. I advised that fries should not be on the menu as gluten free since she told me they were fried in with the chicken fingers, she gave me this 'like i care' sort of attitude. I ordered the ribs with original bbq sauce and mashed potatoes (which were all listed on the menu as gluten free). I felt soooo sick by the time I got home. I just feel like the restaurant is not well aware of how important it is, I have read about how people come and ask you howyour experience is going, etc, this did not happen at all and the server I had did not take anything I was saying seriously, to say the least I am too worried to eat there again.


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