Gluten Free Friendly Menu Options at Tropika

Tropika has a couple locations in Edmonton, but we recently visited the south side location on Calgary Trail, just south of 63 Ave.

Tropika does not have a gluten free menu, but they are familiar with gluten and wheat free.  They will make menu items that have soy sauce without soy sauce in them.  However, we do not think they pay too much attention about cross contamination, but Amanda was fine after the meal.  The Pad Thai was perfectly fine, and there are some other curry dishes that do not contain gluten.  Not to mention, everything tasted fantastic.  They seemed to make their sauces in house, which is why they knew if sauces had wheat in them.  Except for one dish, where the waitress said the sauce is store bought, so she did not recommend that dish.

I wouldn't recommend Tropika if you are looking for extensive options gluten free options in Edmonton, but maybe if some friends are going out, and Tropika is recommended, you know there are a couple items that you can explore.  As usually, our gluten free tip for attending restaurants is to always to let the kitchen staff and wait staff know about your gluten allergy, and ask them to use clean utensils and dishes to prepare your meal.

Let us know if you have tried Tropika, and if you had a positive of negative experience!

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