Gluten Free Edmonton Travel Tip: Jasper Road Trip!

A recent trip to Jasper had us scrambling packing our bags with gluten free products not knowing what to expect.  What we didn't realise is that we did not have to pack as much as we did.  In our short one night stay this is what we found for gluten free options:

Jasper Park Lodge
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Although expensive, the Jasper Park Lodge is able to accomodate your gluten free needs.  For what you are paying for, it is expected.  Although the waitstaff may not be fully knowledgable, their kitchen staff is.  Make sure you inform your wait staff of your gluten allergy, and ask the kitchen to take appropriate cautions, and to ensure what you are ordering is gluten free.  After speakig with sous-chef at the lodge, it was explained to me to eat anywhere you want at Jasper Park lodge and the kitchen staff will accomodate.  For our lunch Amanda ordered a pesto crusted chicken with garlic mashed potatos that was fantastic.

Evil Dave's Grill
Evil Dave's Grill on Urbanspoon
For dinner we ended up at Evil Dave's Grill, a restaurant that Amanda looked up before driving to Jasper and found to have potential for gluten free menu options. To our surprise, they had a gluten free menu with some interesting options.  A note on their menu explained that their rice is cooked in a chicken broth that has a little bit of wheat.  Amanda ordered a rice noodle dish that was fantastic.  Everything else looked delicious as well.

The Bears Paw Bakery
Bear's Paw Bakery on Urbanspoon
The Bears Paw Bakery has very limited items, however they are able to bake a loaf of rice bread on request, and for only $6!  They had a variety of syle's to choose from like Cheese, hot chili and raisin. Although the loaf is quite dense, and you may want a microwave around to heat up the bread for softening, it might beat having to take a frozen loaf from home.  We bought two loaves, and have not tried them yet.  We cut them up and placed them in the freezer and will be looking to use them for our Gluten Free French Toast recipe.

Gluten Free Shopping at Nutter's
Nutter's is a Organic Foods franchise in Alberta.  There are no locations in Edmonton, but the Jasper location will serve your gluten free needs.  Similar to Planet Organic, Nutter's carries a range of gluten free brand's such as Kinnikinnick, Bob's Red Mill, Pamela's and Glutino.  We were able to pick up some great snacks and try some new ones.

We might be visiting again in a few month's, and will update anything new we find out.  Please share your Jasper experiences and we can update this blog with new information about gluten free options in Jasper.


  1. I was just at Evil Dave's last week and they now provide gluten free rice. They also have Strongbow.

  2. Thanks for the update Penny! Thats good to know!

  3. Earls in Jasper can also provide gluten free options....

  4. Thanks so much for this - heading to Jasper this weekend so searching things online and this information will give us a start! Awesome!

  5. Coco's cafe in Jasper specializes in gluten free items. Order right off their menu! Lots of options (vegan & vegetarian friendly too) Open early, awesome coffee to accompany your gluten free breakfast or lunch. One of the owners cannot have gluten - she cooks all the food!!

  6. I wrote in my blog about our trip to Jasper - this is the portion in regards to dining out:

    Eating in Jasper - or I should say eating out was a 50/50 crap shoot this trip (Nov 2010) - the first lunch we had at a restaurant called Papa George's (it was on the internet as a gluten free choice) unfortunately the staff on that day were not as careful (?) or knowledgable (?) to gluten free eating ~ and both Kevin and I were a bit unwell after our meal, also they were very unclear that we had really any options to eat gluten free there in the first place, should have been our cue to leave then. So we were a bit skittish when it came to choosing a supper place, we were tired and cold from our few hours out in the beautiful fresh air, so we took a chance ~ went and talked to the front desk at our Hotel (The Amethyst) and they said the restaurant in the hotel (Anthony's) was very aware of gluten free eating and would be accomodating. So we went to our room and made the choice to stay in the hotel and eat ~ and it was lovely. They were more than accomodating, felt very safe in the knowledge of the staff and the chef ~ our meals were delicious and we felt no ill effects at all afterwards - I would go back and eat there anytime - no matter where we would be staying.

    We also found snacking options at Nutters, and a small grocery store on the main street.


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