Gluten Free Brand: Glutino

Gluten Free Brand: Glutino and Gluten Free Pantry

Glutino is a widely distributed gluten free brand across the Canada and Edmonton.  Just about ever grocery store, health food/organic store and drug store does carry a Glutino product.  Glutino has gluten free product range from mixes, breads, cookies to frozen meals for lunches.

Our review:

Their are so many gluten free products by Glutino that are sold in Edmonton that it hard to get through all of them. Similar to Kinnikinnick you can have a Glutino product for just about every meal of the day.  We really enjoy the fact that this product is widely distributed, not only in the gluten free aisles in Edmonton, but across North America.  You can be assured to find Glutino anywhere in your vacations or business travels in Canada and the United States.

Some of our favourite Glutino products are:
  • Pretzels for a great snack
  • Original crackers when you are tired of rice crisps
  • Chocolate vanilla cream cookies for the Oreo cookie lover in you
Look for reviews of Glutino's products along with products from other gluten free brands sold in Edmonton.

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