The Creperie, Gluten Free goes Fine Dining

When it comes to gluten free restaurants, The Creperie is probably at the top of every Celiac's mind. Located in the heart on downtown Edmonton (10220 103 Street Northwest), The Creperie serves up the most comprehensive gluten free menu in the city.

The Creperie is able to put together almost every crepe they make on the gluten free menu.  They also serve switch up bread and butter, for their own gluten free bread. They even go the distance to avoid contamination by bringing you your own personal butter to so someone else at the table will not get crumbs from their bread in your butter.

 I have eaten there with my wife on several occasions and there has never been a concern about gluten showing up in our food.  We have always ordered the full meal which includes a salad, selection of crepe including a side of potato and vegetables, and a dessert crepe to finish it off.  For a fine dining meal under $30 a person, this is meal is perfect for any fine dining experience.

Let us know what your favourite gluten free crepe is from The Creperie!

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  1. The Creperie is by far my favorite place to dine and spend the evening ~ it's a top notch experience from the decor to the service and let's not forget the food. :) As a celiac I think the number one thing I appreciate about the Creperie is that from the moment you walk in they treat you like another guest - you never feel like your dietary restrictions put the restaurant "out" - simple things like the menu which is not only a complete and full menu but looks the same as everyone elses, to the staff - hosts, hostesses, waiters - all are familiar with gluten free eating and therefore inspire a complete confidence that I have not felt anywhere else ~ to even the act of bringing out your own complimentary bread and butter ~ all this adds up to an amazing dining experience which we will be visiting again and again! :)


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