Red Robin, A Gluten Free Friendly Choice for a Hamburger

Friday night is dinner with Amanda's family.  Tonight it was decided to take dinner on the road, so we went to Red Robin for hamburgers.  We have been to Red Robin several times already, and know that it is a gluten free friendly restaurant choice for a hamburger meal.

Red Robin has a good selection of tasty hamburgers that have no added wheat/bread crumbs as filler. Lettuce wraps can be ordered instead of buns or you can bring in your own gluten free bun.  This time Amanda brought a gluten free english muffin (see photo) as a bun from Kinninnick.  Their fries are also cooked in its own fryers separate from their onion rings.  Just be sure that there is no BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce or onion strings on your order.

Of course everyone may have their own sensitivity to gluten, but we have found Red Robin quite accomodating.  So we have a gluten free tip for when at Red Robin: Always be sure to let the wait staff know you have a wheat allergy, and if possible to have a fresh batch of french fry's, and to use freshly clean utensils to prepare your food.  We find they are able to be more accomodating when the location is not as busy.  This allows for less opportunity for contamination or mixing up orders.

Click here for Red Robin's allergy guide including wheat and gluten.

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  1. We have been told at the South Edmonton location that their fries are NOT gluten free because they are cooked in the same fryers as everything to always check with the manager and the cook.

  2. This is bizarre because I was at the west end location for a co-workers going away lunch in the 2013 new year, and not only was their "gluten free menu" tiny and pathetic, there were no gluten free buns of any kind available. Even most of the items on the gluten free menu had an asterisk beside it that it MAY NOT actually be gluten free. Like yeah, thanks. I ended up having to get a regular salad without crutons, which I hate doing because I am a celiac not a rabbit.


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