Mayacamas Fine Foods, Gluten Free Sauces

Gluten Free Brand: Mayacamas Fine Foods

Mayacamas has a line of gluten free products for soups, pasta sauces and skillet toss gourmet sauces.  We have have seen this gluten free brand in the Lessard Sobey's in Edmonton's west end.

I am not sure how much of their gluten free line is available at Sobey's or in Edmonton.  They do have an online order form, however there is not a Canadian shipping option, so you may have to call in an order.

Our review:
We have tasted one of their products and were very impressed.  We were also pleased that the leftover pasta the next day was not mushy.

Please note, I do not think all of their products are labelled gluten free.  Here is a list of their gluten free products:

  • Potato Leek
  • Tomato
  • Dark Mushroom
  • Lentil
  • French Onion
Pasta Sauce 
  • Peppered Lemon
  • Chicken Fettuccine
  • Creamy Clam
  • Alfredo
  • Pesto
  • Cream Pesto (Reviewed)
  • Chicken
  • Brown
  • Savory Herb
  • Turkey
Skillet Toss
  • (all vegetarian) Black Olive Pesto
  • Green Olive Pesto
  • Seafood
  • Spicy
  • Garden Style
  • Dried Tomato
Gourmet Sauce
  • Hollandaise
Click here for more gluten free information on Mayacamas
Please let us know if you have seen this brand at other Edmonton retail locations