Kinnikinnick's S'morables - Tasty Gluten Free Snacks for Everyone!

Kinnikinnick's S'morables makes a tasty gluten free snack for the young and old.  Biting into a Smores bar with chocolate chips and marshmallow puff (No Name brand available at superstore) definitely takes you back to the day.  You can even try mixing it up a little and maybe just add some peanut butter and/or Nutella, with a drizzle of strawberry jam.  This product is just as versatile as graham crackers and you can do so much more like make pie crusts or crumble a peace over your cereal.

This gluten free brand has its S'morables on shelves at Wal-Mart Safeways in the Bakery Section, Sobey's and at the Kinnikick Edmonton store.  Let me know if you see the S'morables sold at other stores, and I will update this blog!

(Locations updated  January 20, 2010)


  1. Thanks for the post!. Which Wal-mart? I'll add it to our store finder. The S'moreables are also available at all Safeways in the Bakery Section on the "sweets island" (our Facebook page has a photo) Planet Organic Calgary Trail has them as well I think. And of course our own retail store on 120 st.


  2. Hi Jay,

    It was a while since we purchased them, but we usually end up at the South Edmonton Commons Wal-Mart. My wife mentioned she saw them at the Lessard Sobey's today. I will update this blog entry to reflect this.

    I am also happy to write about your products. there is a post about our visit to Red Robin, and using the Kinnikinnick English muffin as a bun. Worked out perfectly.




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