Ian's Natural Foods - Gluten Free

Gluten Free Brand: Ian's Natural Foods
Website: http://www.iansnaturalfoods.com/

This gluten free brand is a specialty food manufacturer that has a line of gluten free products that can be found in select stores in Edmonton.  Ian's also has an online store that you can purchase their gluten free products from.

Our Review:
Sometimes you just don't want to cook from scratch and want that meal you can just throw in the oven for thirty minutes and be ready to eat.  Our prayers were answered when we saw Ian's Chicken Nuggets.  We were really excited to try them, and were not dissapointed.  The nuggets tasted great, and better yet, we did not have to batter the nuggets ourselves.  We also tried Ian's Turkey Corn Dogs that makes a great late night snack!

Ian's has a great website that you can easily find their gluten free products, or other allergy free products.  The site is bright and fun.  Ian's is very youth oriented, so if you have children that are Celiac, they may enjoy browsing the site and trying out some of the fun activities available.

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Product Index:
  • Ian's Turkey Corn Dogs
  • Ian's Chicken Nuggets
Often found at Sobey's or Ed's Gluten Free Store.  Let us know where you buy Ian's products.

Updated July 2011