How we prepared for our gluten free diet in Edmonton

There was a lot of research and reading involved, but one of the books Amanda prepared with was The G-Free Diet: Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  It did not take Amanda long to get through the book, and it eased her mind about many things about her Celiac diagnoses and gluten free diet.  Here are a few items that she appreciated about the book:
  1. That she was not the only one that had doctors not listen to her and try to write off her diagnoses as something else
  2. Suggestions on how to eat gluten free but share your kitchen with someone else that has a diet with gluten
  3. List of products like Pirates Booty
  4. To read about how to ask questions in restaurants
  5. That it was an easy read and related to her experience
I do recommend this book if you are recently diagnosed with Celiac, have a gluten or wheat sensistivity or are just curious about the gluten free diet.

You can buy the book here: