Gluten Free Tip: Reading labels for Nestle Products

Researching products is very important when it comes to finding gluten free products in Edmonton.  This is true whether it is for seeking out a gluten free brand, or trying to see if a regular commercial product is gluten free.  This is a gluten free tip that should always be kept in mind when researching products.

When you are tracking down ingredient information for a regular commercial product, it is always a good idea to start with the product itself.  Product labels provide full ingredient listings and most manufacturers list warnings of the top ten allergies including wheat and gluten.  I have found that a lot of manufacturers also will place "may contain traces of wheat products" on their labels if that product is manufactured in the same facility as a wheat product.

In October of 2009, I was researching the Butterfinger chocolate bar and I decided to contact Nestle directly about their labelling.  I was seeking information on the ingredient corn flakes.  My concern was that they did not list the ingredients of the corn flakes.  As a consumer, I thought something like Kellogg's Corn Flakes that does contain wheat.  I used to contact their customer care via phone and also requested an email and hard copy version explaining their labelling policies.

It was explained to me that if an allergen such as gluten or wheat is in a product, it would be listed in the ingredients.  Wheat is not labelled on the product, so therefore the corn flakes do not contain wheat.  I was happy to learn that Butterfinger's are a gluten free friendly product.

They also explained that ingredients on the actual packaging will trump any ingredient listings on the website.  This is a good point to take away because in general if a process or ingredient changes, we should always trust the label of the product in hand, because that label has to list what is in that particular unit.  A website could take longer to be updated.

Click here to view the full email from Nestle Customer Care.

*Always remember to read labels on non-certified gluten free products