Gluten Free Tip: Five great everyday snacks that are gluten free

It can be discouraging sometimes looking for a snack when you have that salty or sweet craving.  Now if your a Celiac, those choices seem to become more limited because what do you usually crave?  Cake,  crackers or chips are usually at the top of the list.  As we all know by know, the gluten free versions of these snacks can be a bit more expensive.

Our gluten free tip today is a list.  We have compiled a list of five of our favourite snacks that can be found in the regular aisle at your local store:
  1. Hawkins Cheezies
  2. Various flavours of Quaker Rice Cakes
  3. Snyders of Hanover Veggie Crisps
  4. Source Yogurt
  5. Various selections of IKEA brand cakes
NOTE: Always remember to read labels as manufacturers can change processes and ingredients without notification.  Also, people have various sensitivities to wheat and gluten; for risk of cross contamination, it is recommended to avoid products that are labelled 'manufactured in a facitility that processes wheat'

Hawkins Cheezies
These tasty cheezies are as good a snack as any to satisfy that salty craving.

Quaker Rice Cakes
Although not all flavours are gluten free, this is a great tasty snack.  We love the buttered popcorn flavour for that salty craving and caramel for our sweet tooth.

Snyders of Hanover Veggie Crisps
Although regular chips can be gfree, these are a much healthier alternative that can be found at Costco.

Source Yogurt
Most yogurts are gluten free, however we have found that the yogurts that are not premixed (fruit sits on the bottom), do contain gluten.

Various choices of IKEA brand cakes
We were surprised to find that there is a selection of IKEA cakes found in their market bistro that are labelled as gluten free.  Our favourite is the IKEA Daim Cake.