Gluten Free Chicken and Vegetable Rotini Soup for the Soul

We posted on Facebook a while ago about these Tasty Classics certified gluten free soups found at Costco.  The package comes with both Vegetable and Chicken Rotini soups.  The picture below is the vegetable soup.  I remember the soup took a lot of flack for lack of the gluten free noodle  Fine I'll give you all this, but I'll tell you why you shouldn't bash it too hard and keep a case on hand.

We just had a sick kiddo in the house with a stomache bug.  Everyone knows, kid with stomache aches = chicken noodle soups.  Although only Amanda requires a gluten free diet and not our oldest, these soups came in handy to help comfort our daughter?  Why you ask?  Because Amanda just can't open up a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup and share it with our daughter.

Having this case of soup allowed our daughter to choose from two types of soup to have to "help her tummy" and have mommy eat it with her.  Such a nice thing to do that some parents may take for granted.  

So yes, there are not tonnes of noodles in these soups, but there are big thick noodles, enough to make a little girl feel good about eating comfort food with her mommy.