Famoso's Gluten Free Stone Oven Pizza

This is something to get really excited for, all Famoso locations have a gluten free crust!  Amazing, because now you can have a gluten free pizza made in a stone oven.

They first tested the gluten free pizza crust at the Whyte Ave location to work on how to best prepare the crust and reduce cross contamination as much as possible.  After a few months, they rolled out the gluten free crust to all locations.  We ventured off to the West Edmonton Mall location beside Cactus Club to try out the gluten free crust.

It really lived up to the standard of their regular crust.  What sets Famoso apart from the other pizza places is the fresh ingredients.  Famoso's sauce is made from fresh tomatoes, and they use fresh mozzarella cheese instead of the processed shredded cheese that fast food pizza chains use.  So yes, you do pay a premium not only for gluten free, but for quality ingredients.  We ordered a small regular pizza for our daughter, so we were able to compare the two side by side, and the only difference was that the gluten free crust edges didn't puff out as much as the other.  The crust was a little wet, but both pizza's were, and that is probably because of the fresh tomato sauce being used instead of a jarred sauce that is usually thicker.  I forgot the name of the pizza we ordered below, but it was topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, mushrooms, red onion and Italian sausage.  They don't over do it on the ingredients and you get just the right amount with every bite.

Remember to always ask the server and kitchen staff about the preparation of your food.  Be comfortable with the food you are eating and how they are preparing it.  Trust yourself and instinct and if you don't feel they are preparing the food in a safe manner for you, don't eat there.  If you are disappointed with their process to limit cross contamination, let them know in a respectable way.  They want your business big time and will listen.

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  1. It's delicious, without any doubt. Good recommendation!

  2. When I inquired, Famosa staff said the GF pizzas were placed on the same oven surface as the regular pizzas. Since they are on the oven surface without a pan, there is a lot of flour from the regular pizzas to cross contaminate them. Not an option for Celiacs, but perhaps for less sensitive.


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